3 Major Mistakes to Avoid when Moving

movers moving boxesMoving can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re moving to another state. You can avoid much of the stress by hiring a full-service long distance moving company such as Colonial Van Lines. It will cost more, but it will be worth it. However, you can still run into problems if you make these common mistakes.

Not Getting a Binding Estimate

You should get quotes from different companies before deciding on one. However, these are not always binding estimates. Binding estimates include details of the work the company will do for you and the total cost. The company can’t charge you more unless you make some changes to the agreement. The company may charge you less, on the other hand, if you move fewer things than you planned. If you don’t have a binding estimate, the mover may charge you more at the end of the day. Ask for a written guarantee that the total charges won’t be more than the estimate.

Not Getting Insurance

Most reputable moving companies have insurance. They tack this on to the overall estimate. You can choose to waive the insurance to get a lower estimate, but that isn’t a good idea. Insurance will cover any damage or loss of your property during and at both ends of the move. This is almost inevitable in long-distance moves. So it’s better to pay a bit more for your peace of mind.

Not Checking Your Stuff

Most problems happen on the last stretch of the race. You may be so tired by the end of the move that you fail to check if all your stuff is there and in good shape. You need to do a complete inspection of your property before signing off with the movers. If you don’t report damage or loss immediately, you’ll have a harder time collecting compensation later on.

Full-service long distance moving companies are a godsend when moving. However, you still have to do your part. Avoiding these common mistakes can help everything go smoothly.

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