Common Types of Roofs

3 Common Types of Roofs

With the varying conditions of different countries it is no wonder that people have all kinds of roofs. The angle or slope of the roof depends on the amount of precipitation or kind of weather the roof encounters yearly, which means, for example, if you do not experience regular snowfall you can have the flattest roof you want.

Here are some commonly used roofs around the world.

Gabled Roof

Though generally less famous in Australia, many places like England or Scotland use gabled roofs because it works well in places that experience heavy snowfall. They are additionally more affordable in terms of construction. As it is steep, it does not work well in countries that experience strong winds. This type of roof works best if you want a roomier attic.

Hip Roof

One of the most commonly used type of roof in Australia because of its resistance to strong winds. It can be identified by its horizontal joint that connects to the four walls of a structure. You can use this kind of roof and add aesthetic factor by looking for a roofing service that has roof tiles Perth or nearby cities. Not only will your roof be aesthetically pleasing but also provides extra shades through its eaves that extend past the walls.

Clerestory Roof

This type of roof allows more light to come in and can be a good cooling strategy if done correctly. Instead of the two sloping sides of roof connected on one joint, this type of roof has a wall in between where you can put extra windows or just place a panel of glass to allow natural light to come in. Though popularly used by factories and warehouses, it is also a popular choice among green homes to save electricity.

Since roofs are mostly the most permanent part of your home, you should always design it according to longevity and practicality. If you still do not know the best type of roof to have, you can always contact the nearest roofing service near your area.

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