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2 Unique Home Additions for the Fun and Creative You

The good thing about building a new home is you have the freedom to put in special additions based on your preferences, personality, and lifestyle. But even if you already have a house, there’s no reason you can’t make changes.

As long as you have the budget, the creativity, and a good builder, the ceiling’s the limit. Here are two unique additions you can consider when you build a new home or buy a home for sale in Stansbury Park.

Project #1: Life is a Slumber Party

Turn your attic into a slumber-party-forever-themed room. Paint the walls white or a pastel shade, something relaxing and neutral. Or have a painter use it for a mural or even just a painting of clouds — daytime or nighttime sky, your choice. Hang a flat screen TV and surround sound speakers on the wall to achieve a home theater experience.

Here comes the best part: cover the entire floor with a giant cushion, with pillows everywhere! It screams slumber party and fun all over.

Project #2: Life is Art

For painters or writers looking for a place to immerse themselves in their craft, the answer lies in that old and forgotten garden shed.

Convert your shabby garden shed into a quiet nook for enjoying the things you love to do alone. Replace the old boards or repaint them with a bright color. Install some big glass windows to let all that light in. Turn that shed into the focal point of your garden.

Set up your easel and canvas, or a desk for reading and writing. Put a hot plate in there, and some cozy lighting. Throw in some painting implements or a MacBook, and you’re all set. The view outside can inspire creativity, and the peace and quiet can let your thoughts run free.

According to the experts from Keystoneconstructionutah.com, homes for sale in Stansbury come in various designs. You have plenty of choices. But if you want a personalized design, there’s a custom building option. You don’t have to spend a fortune making these projects happen. It just takes your creativity and fun side. They might even raise your property’s value.

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